3D Printing In Wakanda

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Black Panther, Marvel’s most recent mega-hit superhero movie, has now grossed a billion dollars worldwide. A thrilling story, some certainly amazing (and in incredibly in-shape) actors and actresses, the realization of the fictional African world of “Wakanda,” and action sequences are surely startling many.

As we have to assume are the costumes in the film.

At ANNXANNXDESIGN we began using 3D-printing technology to make jewelry, but over the few years, our direction moved from simply testing this technology to using it as a tool, a new way for us to see and be seen on the scene. On the Black Panther set 3D printing fashion guru and architect Julia Koerner worked with the film’s costumer Ruth E. Carter, to create the innovative costumes obviously thrilling so much of movie’s audience.

From helping create the monster on Netflix’s hit “Stranger Things,” to so many current instances of this new technology aiding modern filming, video, T.V., and beyond, 3D fashion printing has made it possible for both the simple and complex to exist together. For Black Panther’s “Queen Ramonda” especially, the sensibilities and texture of traditional African wardrobe were married to a modern language of design. The Queen’s world is hidden in Africa, with many of Wakanda’s traditions in place for centuries. Still, it is a world of sophistication and magic. Carter and Koerner had to show this intertwining of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the deep rich texture with the flowing design of liquid-like lines. What the pair created with their 3D printing lead the way with Black Panther’s Queen and plenty more costumes in the film.

Showcasing new film effects, newly invented gizmos and certainly costume design as seen in Black Panther, fantasy/science fiction/horror movies, have always been innovators.

All of us benefit from these innovations in our visual arts, in luxe jewelry rendering, clothing, architecture, machine manufacturing and medical devise design; in the everyday of modern living, whether one lives in Wakanda or beyond.
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