Beyoncé Goes Gold; Do You?

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When Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy sported all-gold gowns, wigs and jewelry just recently at the 2nd annual Wearable Art Gala, web fashionistas truly considered their sparkle. With Jean Paul Gaultier earrings dangling to Miss Bey’s shoulders, Blue Ivy’s custom Annakiki gown (and wig), even Beyoncé’s gown with metallic cutouts creating a 3-D gold foil train, it was apparent that gold was the order of the day.

For jewelry makers as well as wearers, the question of whether to ‘go’ gold or silver, with their luxe jewelry or in even avant-garde pieces is indeed a constant consideration. This is why we attempt, best we can, to offer our wares in various metals for a wide cross-section of color and material taste. Beyoncé and her daughter could have just as easily had a stylist picking silver for them to wear on their most recent outing.

Like the age-old culinary quandary of whether one should only drink white wine with fish, red with meat, it used to be thought that certain skin tones worked best with gold or silver (dark skin for gold, lighter complexions for silver). But the idea of these choices being so specific or even an either ‘or’ consideration is an haute couture paradigm of the past. Really, it’s ok to drink any wine with any dish these days, as it is wearing any color of jewelry.

In modern styles, we see plenty of mixing and matching of color and material. Women and men both wear gold and silver jewelry at the same time. Independent jewelry designers, as well as commercial manufactures, make plenty of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces two tones. And as ever more precious stones are used in bespoke jewelry production they are offset against many a precious metal; gold, silver, and so many others.

A limitless palette of choice in all that we do certainly seem the order of the day be you Beyoncé or anybody else.

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