‘Passing’ Diamonds With Drew Brees

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As quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees is known to execute perfect passes. But when buying diamonds recently with his wife Brittany, it seems the true price of their purchase was thrown right by the couple. The Brees bought investment-grade diamonds for $15 million but were just informed by an independent appraiser that the diamonds were worth a lot less (almost completely half what they paid). To add insult to injury, the Beers bought their diamonds from a personal acquaintance, Vahid Moradi, of CJ Charles Jewelers in San Diego, someone they had bought jewelry from plenty of times before and therefore someone they thought they could trust.

In our world of luxe alternative jewelry we offer our products in precious metals, various karate gold plated levels, and 3D printed nylon. What we use in each piece’s construction, of course, is one of the factors that sets its price, but also the elements used in a design and construction can influence a bracelet, ring or earrings color, shape, and durability. Although we hope our customers enjoy our pieces for many years, our wares are not investment-grade pieces in that common usage of the term. Still, giving high value in our creations is a cornerstone of what we do.

Luckily one of the tenants of the digital age is that fair and unfair practice in business, no matter what your business happens to be, will be reported quickly. Through social media, certainly across Twitter-and depending on one’s cultural popularity and trending potential, across the blog o’sphere-good news as well as bad travels at lightning speed; the Beers’ diamond conundrum became a lead news story within days of the detection of the fraud perpetrated on them.

Be one a politician, reporter, a quarterback or a Seattle-based independent jewelry designer employing 3D printing, digital fabrication and precious metal construction, really, in the end, the only thing any of us has is our reputation.
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