Jewelry Trends For 2018…and Beyond

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With 2018’s Fashion Weeks having just happened in Milan, London, New York and Paris, the world’s haute couture influencers are weighing on predicted jewelry trends for 2018. If the models walking the red carpet for Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, and Alessandro Michele are any indication, we might see a wide variety of earrings, necklaces, and even bracelets, in as varied a style as material.

Certainly, gold and sterling silver necklaces will always be in high demand, with precious metal always the basis for the luxe jewelry. But this year there were lots of pendants and necklaces made of plastic seen on the lovely necks of runways models. And certainly, there is no denying the influence (and saleability) of pop culture in fashion accessory deign. On the models walking 2018 Fashion Week runways, eagle-eyed attendees noticed replications of Coachella wristbands, as well as pendants made from Fidget Spinners.

Arguably the most popular jewelry accessory, earrings, saw some drastic changes in 2018 trending. Some were seemingly rendered more for fun than haute couture, as time and again models sported fake fruit dangling from their lobes. Modern style also dictates that one need not match the earrings worn in one ear with those worn in the other. ‘Huggies’ and ear cuffs are still rating high in popularity, as are long tassel earrings, even those falling to the shoulder. And big gold hoops, the go-to style for J.Lo and Kim Kardashian, will be popular with just about everybody it seems.

Of course, it might just be how modern-day rendering and avant-garde designs are created that garners the most news. 3D sculpting of jewelry is just in its infancy and this as much as materials used, and celebrity style will certainly affect trending. From the most fashion forwarded cities to online jewelry store suppliers, into 2018 and beyond, there are bound to be many surprises.

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