ANNXANNXDESIGN was founded in 2013 by Han-Yin Hsu in Los Angeles, and is currently based out of the greater Seattle area. We like to think of the body as a landscape for jewelry. Our designs are focused on expressing the elegance of this landscape, and exploring the gesture of each element as it rests on the skin.


I’m interested in art, sculpture, literature, architecture, and mostly… people! I found that jewelry is an art form that can integrate all my interests in a minimalist way. I came from Taiwan and graduated with a Master's Degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 2011. After working at several interior design and architecture offices, I realized I needed to express my ideas more directly and intimately. I wanted to design something that I could see, touch, and experience physically, and something that I could share with others in the same channel as me.
Therefore, in 2013, I founded ANNXANNXDESIGN in Los Angeles, California. I'm using the techniques I learned from my architectural training and the sense of space that I have been exploring for 10 years to apply to my designs. I began by using 3D-printing technology to make jewelry that, to me, describes the personalities of people I experienced in life.
 Over the last three years, my design direction has moved from testing the limitations of 3D-printing to using technology as a tool to inspire a new way to “see” and “be seen.” I think of my work as a way for wearers to see themselves in unique and unexpected ways and to imagine possibilities beyond what we’ve known.

My jewelry design is also my visual diary. I’m currently writing the chapter I would call “tender strength.” I consider each line, surface, and form as the words that make up the story. It can be very precise, but it can also be ambiguous to let the reader (or wearer) use their own imagination to create a personal connection.