Ounce Necklace - 0.4oz Luxe

Ounce Necklace - 0.4oz Luxe

Requires 2-3 weeks production time

This is where it all began! Named for the weight of the necklace, the Ounce collection is inspired by traditional chainmail design with a hint of lace.

Pendant: 3D printed nylon
Chain: Brass chain in matte black (for black pendants) or sterling silver chain (for colored pendants)

Interlocking 3D printed area measures approx. 5.1 in (W) x 2.5 in (L) x 0.24 in (D)
Total length: 17 in with 4 in extra slack
Weight: 0.4oz

Other colors available upon request, please contact us for details and pricing.