Mahuika Necklace

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Mahuika is the name of the Māori fire deity, whose spirit I wanted to express in the silver reflections, evocative of glistening flames, which are visible in the movable structure of this necklace.

Every element is designed thoughtfully as an individual form and also as part of an overall gesture to be draped around the neck. This necklace intends to show a system for taking advantage of 3D printing technology while treasuring the traditional silver casting and polishing techniques.

 The design is composed of linking one-of-a-kind elements which will adjust to the wearer’s body. Because all the elements are separate, they can be cast and polished to a beautiful finish. Additionally, elements can be added or removed to reach a desired length.

With this necklace I hope to integrate the uncompromising form allowed by 3D printing with the passionate spirit of fine silver craftsmanship.

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